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Selections from
The Book of Common Prayer

At Night

O Lord, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then in thy mercy grant us a safe lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last. Amen.


About this prayer

The Rev. George W. Douglas put together [this prayer] from several phrases drawn from two sermons of John Henry Newman, preached in 1842 and 1843 respectively (see his Sermons on Subjects of the Day, nos. I and XX). Another version of it, including the clause often heard but not original to Newman, 'of this troublous life' inserted after 'all the day long,' may be found in the English Proposed Book of 1928.

excerpted from The Oxford American Prayer Book Commentary by Massey Hamilton Shepherd, Jr. (New York : Oxford University Press, 1950)

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